Les Grottes de Glace

La Plagne / Inside the Chiaupe glacier...

Inside the Chiaupe glacier and the summit of the Bellecote (3417m), the first ice cave was  dug out in 2005.

Installed in a gallery with a number of rooms, the cave has spectacular sculptures carved directly in the ice

Accessible for everyone, skiers and walkers can discover the distinct stratas of the ice and different colours in the ice world.


A giant iguana, marmottes, birds of prey and even flowers are here in the depth of the glacier. The temperature is always 0°c, needless of  the weather conditions outside.  Come and see what it’s like inside  a glacier !

Discover the different stratas of ice, the colours of this mountain » ice berg « at a height of  3000m, changing from green to blue, it’s really beautiful...

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