Les Grottes de Glace

Real under-glacier museums !

The ice caves are veritable underglacier museums open to the public.

What exactly is an ice-cave

The caves are entirely underground, it is "galleries-exhibitions". The exhibition consists of a series of sculptures (snow or ice).


The caves are open at the same hours and periods that the lifts.


On the ground, non-slip mats ensure the stability of the visitors. The caves are always located near the ski lifts in order to ensure the best accessibility for pedestrians and skiers.

Digging the ice since 1993 A bit of history

In 1992, returning from Dru with their customers, two friends, high mountain guides, Bruno and Bernard Lambolez go to the cave of the "Mer de Glace".

Bingo, in the Oisans Moutain, at home, the cable of glaciers Meije leads you to the glacier Girose ...

Sculptors, Diggers... A magic multidisciplinary team

Capable of working day and night (in a cave you forget what time it is), their timetable depends on outside events (football matches, Olympic Games) and at what time they can watch them… here are the diggers

They come from all over France (yes), these dream makers are as good with an iron, hair tongs, wood saw and any other instrument they can find to help them with their task. here are the the sculptors

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