Les Grottes de Glace

Older melted ice-cave

Serre-Chevalier / at the top of the Bachas chairlift...

At a height of 2,700m, at the top of the Bachas chairlift, the 200m long galery was created in the snow.

Visit the Ecrins National Park, carved into the ice.

Impressive ice sculptures are here to surprise you.

Here it was carved arroud Ecrin National Parc :

Daily life for a mountain shepherd, leasure activities…

Life in the Park is sculpted in the caves.

Come and see if you recognise all the mountain fauna and flora, the only thing missing is the sound !

Tignes / At a height of 3,000m in the mountains, in the Grande Motte glacier...

At a height of 3,000m in the mountains, in the Grande Motte glacier, 5 sculptors  make wonderful art work appear both summer and winter.

Accessible to everyone, these ice caves are a 200m long gallery pathway.

Come and discover the excavations and construction of the caves.

Abstract  :

The further you go into the ice the further away you get from man’s evolution…

There are dinosaurs and prehistoric men.

And the star of the show is the 6m long and 10m wide Mammoth, who weighs in at over 6 tons of ice ! Don’t miss it.

Unfortunately after 4 years the ice caves doors are closed.

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