Les Grottes de Glace

Spitzberg Expedition

A modern adventure with an old fashioned taste !

Close the the Arctic Cercle, in the middle of nowhere, we’re here to dig out a cave.. We were called in for this job as we are amongst the few traditionel diggers who don’t use mechanical tools, explosives or other methods thus garanteeing a non polluting construction site (except the sweat..).

The Spitzberg is a protected area,so to minimilise pollution we travelled to the site on dogsled, an hour of mushing a day !

The site started in spring 2007, the first part was digging out a 30m tunnel and the then a 4m diameter room all at 10m under the glacier of Foxfona.

Spring 2008, we continued the site, another gallery and a room with alcoves according to the plans.

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